low weight – small package – easy handling – individual configuration

The easy way to mobility

Also you´ll get the sessio into your car that easy:

After moving from the sessio
to the car seat it´s only a few
simple steps away from having
the sessio inside your car
without any assistance.

Step 1:
Take off the cushion, release
the footrest and tilt it
fully forward.

Step 2:
Release the backframe
and tilt it forward ...

... untill the sessio frame
is folded fully flat.

Step 3:
Flip up the sessio and
place it simply on its

Step 4:
Push the button of the quick-
release-axles and take of both
of the wheels.
Now you are ready to lift
the small and light sessio-
package into your car.

Even smaller:
Not necessary for daily use
but possible if you need it
even smaller, i.e. for travel:
The front-rollers can be
taken off incl. the forks.

voices about the sessio:

Stefan Bäumann
Stefan Bäumann,
handbiking worldchampion:

“The sessio provides you a very easy handling when access you car.
You don´t need any assistance or a expensive lifting device.
A significant increase of mobility for every wheelchairdriver using a car!”

Inge Lenz
Inge Lenz,
active retiree from Gifhorn:

“I still manage the few steps from the trunk to the driverseat, but I can´t get the existing chairs into my car. The new sessio solved my problem and I can go with my car without any assistance!”


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